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What is Premium Video On Demand? A Full Meaning of PVOD

When confined to their homes for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a major portion of the global population found their entertainment on the streaming videos online.

A sudden surge in such interest led to the popularity of not just online platforms but also it facilitates with the Premium Video On Demand (PVOD) revenue model, which gives a paid privileged viewership system.

What is Premium Video On Demand?

PVOD stand for- Premium Video On Demand is defined as a type of streaming business model where access is provided to your viewers in order to stream videos at an earlier stage.

Most OTT and VOD platforms leverage on it completely to stream the premium content before hitting actual theatre release. Before you begin creating your first premium video on demand, there are a few things that you need to do👀

Here’s the rundown 👇

  1. Know the meaning of PVOD
  2. Findout if PVOD streaming is more profitable than theatre
  3. Understand the difference between PVOD & SVOD
  4. Learn Other Monetization Models
  5. Gather how Premium VOD Services Work
  6. Earn best returns from VOD premium model
What is premium video on demand

If you carefully follow the above guidelines to capture your largest group of audience, you will be acquiring a win-win situation in terms of high value of monetization and delivering quality watchful of premium video streaming services.

PVOD streaming vs. Theatre Release 

The premium video content viewership is based on the payment of a premium fee for the earlier access to the same content that  others would get access at a later stage.

Although it was launched and tested a decade before it didn’t get the same popularity as it is gaining since the pandemic struck us. When movies were stopped releasing at theatre complex, this has been serving as its alternative to reach viewers. 

Theatre Shows Inflection at its Peak: The Destiny of Premium Video on Demand

With the cinemas now getting locked-down, the unprecedented sequence of events have unveiled the wake of decade-long showbiz industry & its grand releases in giant screens. 

As a consequence of this, we’ve seen business evolving video models that have successfully paved its path with its sunk deep consumer habits. And now, we have a studio industry grappling with its unanticipated upheaval. 

Apparently, if the traditional rules of streaming are to be restructured permanently, then a viable premium video on demand model gives an usher & offers best come back on future trends to look into. 

How Movies Will Soon Be Available on Premium Video On Demand

Ever since there has been a nationwide curb and imposed lockdown restrictions, several films have been streamed using PVOD and VOD like Free Guy, Don’t Breathe,  Boss Baby 2. While those have reached its success at varied levels, even being accompanied by constrained theatrical runs. 

Theatre to Premium Video On Demand

Premium video on demand or PVOD is one such avenue that allows movie admirers to pay a one-time fee that is allocated within a 48-72 hour window. VOD or Video on demand users are allowed to purchase the movie at one time & set preferred view at any desired time.

5 expectations with the lucrative fate of PVOD

1. Here are the quick and extended PVOD projections to anticipate:

Expected to have irregularity in releasing techniques for the upcoming
Some studios will prefer testing with PVOD aggressively, while others would prefer to retain theatergoing experience. Each studio sets different considerations due to its decreased choices made.

2. Releasing dually can increase its promotional efficiency

The best option for titles that are made for a D&D theatrical release can have a combined marketing strategy via PVOD where it can be streamlined like a piece of cake creating a staggered 2nd upcoming window release.

3. Boosted buys will restrict income cannibalization

Also, family titles owe the biggest take for leveraging PVOD because of pandemic constraints as well as providing improved accessibility. Anytime watching movies with family members in an increased comfort level can be a major plus to look at.

4. Layered pricing technique will extend the marketline

Expecting studios to have trials in SVOD services in a case of smaller comedies or dramas with PVOD pricing can increase the worth of content. For example, where stereotypically you would set $20, with PVOD releases you can fix $10-$15.

5. Movies with Franchises will drive membership VOD acquisition, not PVOD

Franchise films will most likely hold their preferences in theatre releases rather than opting for the PVOD option. This can be taken into advantage with SVOD propositions once they appear on the service. For franchise films this elongates long-term value which reflect IP driving acquisition & retention on subscriptions compared to PVOD.

What’s the Catch In PVOD and SVOD?

PVOD is not the only business model for video-on-demand services. In addition to that  Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD) as well as the Subscription Video On Demand –which is commonly known as SVOD comes into play to generate best business recurring  returns.

premium video subscription

The former provides access on a pay-per-video basis where users get either temporary or permanent access to the content depending upon the online video platform providers.  The latter is a subscription model for a specified period of time with unlimited access to the video content.

In addition, this subscription format has different categories where users can choose multiple time periods or a premium subscription that allows access to the Premium VOD app content as well. 

So in a way, PVOD is different from the other two business models but at the same time, it comes as a part of the other as well. 

How PVOD Different from other Monetization Models like TVOD and SVOD

As per the Premium video on demand definition, it gives early access to the content that is equivalent to having a privilege that is not available with either TVOD or SVOD.

Here the user is paying a premium amount of money to watch a movie or a bunch of movies or videos. By doing so, it serves as online theatres, especially during this pandemic where there is lesser chance to gain monetization opportunities while releasing premium movies. 

Difference between pvod, svod and tvod


TVOD is on a pay-per-view basis where the access is allotted for a limited period of time, i.e. a day or a week. Once that period is over, access to the video is also removed. There are few constraints here in the form of the price of the content as well as its quality.

Users tend to watch only quality videos on a pay-per-view basis. The prices of the quality videos are likely higher which may not be suitable for every user. 

Both these factors affect the mindset of the users who may or may not return for the service making the TVOD a tough choice for the monetization service. This is exactly what the monetization model of PVOD works on – premium movies accessible at any time with access to the entire video library. 


Although SVOD allows access to the entire video library at any time for as long as the subscription period allows, the rate of video subscription would need justification if it is higher. It is crucial when you do not have some high-quality videos, the latest movies, or anything attractive and substantial to facilitate at fixed rates. 

On the other hand, PVOD provides the latest and popular movies having higher video and audio quality with additional unlimited access to live videos, as applicable. What is PVOD gaining in comparison with the other monetization model is the trust of the viewers and reliance on their services. 

Thinking Of Starting Your Own Premium Video on Demand Service?

What is VOD?

“VOD” or Video on Demand is a term that refers to a media distribution system that capacitates consumers to choose when & where they want to watch their desired content. Unlike stereotypical traditional  TV channel playback, On Demand is a flexible technology of leveraging the internet to broadcast X+ videos. 

“ Also, “What is VOD” is used to refer to any video business model or any premium video that is available in high-demand. ”

Moving on, let’s unveil what are the various types of VOD!! The top video content delivery models that are being preferred  by every content owner or streaming businesses for their content supply chain are:  Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) & Advertising-based Video on Demand (AVOD). 

SVOD – Permit the entire usage of your library, as users can access premium content without any interruptions in between 

TVOD – Allow users to watch any specific content, where you can give options to your consumers to buy or rent them through one-time payment via EST

What is AVOD – Give free access to your advertorial otherwise known as commercial ad content by interspersioning them between your varied online video platform.

Now in the next segment, we’ll be highlighting….

Difference between PVOD vs VOD

We all know that in the industry of streaming massive investments in constant delivery of original content production has led to tremendous success rate. 

Difference between PVOD vs VOD

The word “premium” is classified under the video content that is dealt with “Theatre Blockbusters”. Moreover, PVOD is a conceptual term that is associated with premium video on demand video services which rely on absolute exclusivity, especially for blockbuster screening much upon their grand releases.

This results in a huge impact with instant heavy monetization with release buzz around titles for yourself as well as in the movie theater/ entertainment industry. 

On the other hand VOD distributes & delivers every piece of content where your viewers can simply choose from plenty of genres. But all of them would be categorized in set packages where you can monetize them with subscriptions, pay-per-views, or combined package videos.

Cash-in your on demand content with live streams into popular VOD & have recurring streams.  Or, you can have pre-recorded videos that’ll help you to grow your audience. 

Okay… Now we’ll discuss the importance of..

Why premium video-on-demand services bring major change to multifold highest revenue share?

The key reasons to choose these listed business models for monetizing content is because examples like adverts embedded or overlayed within the content give the biggest opportunity to collaborate with advertisers & multiply your streaming income. 

Secondly, providing varied subscription packages, where revenue comes on a monthly or yearly basis from users gives you a go-getter factor triggering consistent growth. 

Even for that matter, some giants like Amazon Prime give options to rent or ‘buy’ videos with the so-called Transactional video on demand model. 

In fact, the SVOD model is used by established premium video-on demand service providers such as Netflix,  Hulu, and newcomers like Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, and others.

You must be thinking.. If it points out to be one of the best video streaming solutions for business models that elevates monetization strategy.. 

Let’s Check Does PVOD Dominently Capture Studios And Theatre-Goers too!

There is a specific time gap between the theatrical release of a film and its availability on the OTT platform. Most films generate the bulk of their revenue within a specified period of time.

But there is often a difference of time in this collection period and the OTT availability of the films which the PVOD can capitalize on. As for the studios, they are likely to have shows available as on-demand videos within a few weeks of their launch.

Want to know,,,

How does premium video on demand actually work?

This is found to be a successor in scaling up monetization heights particularly with studios and production companies. They will be now able to strike the right set of deals with major regional & global streaming partners.  

premium VOD Work

The ability to securely distribute with a customized preview screening gives an optimum chance to target every demographic, breaking into new territory by inculcating easy promotions to multicast them. 

This allows audiences to shop it at once through content producers boosting revenue via PVOD as compared to battling it out with premium vendors in the entertainment market. 

Alright, folks.. Let’s see the key highlights… 

PVOD meaning

1. Inconsistencies

In view of its popularity, it is safer to say that PVOD is going to stay for longer. The future PVOD trends that are possible is a planned movie release that can optimize the revenue from both the theatres and the on-demand platforms. While the franchise films would still stick to the theatre release there may be priorities among the movie genres with a dual release or quicker availability in the PVOD revenue generating monetization dais.  

2. Dual release

Production houses may decide to release the films simultaneously in theaters as well as on PVOD platforms. This move will help generate the same marketing support for the PVOD and reduce the overall marketing expenses. 

3. Release strategies

Franchise films would not like to forgo their theatrical revenue by opting for PVOD. They will forgo the PVOD option and stick to the theatrical release which is more likely to generate revenue than the other option. This would later help generate more SVOD subscriptions that can potentially add long-term value. 

4. Incentivized purchase

PVOD could also pose a threat to the industry when families decide to choose PVOD for a theatre trip which will have a major impact on the revenue.  In order to reduce such loss, the studios may put forward the deal of an Electronic Sell-Through (EST) with a discount on the family films to attract the families towards the theatres.  

5. Tiered pricing

There is also a possibility of the tiered pricing range for SVOD with different rates for different types of movies to attract more subscribers. 

How many returns can be gripped from premium video-on-demand?

With films collecting upto 80% above  in the box office during the first four weeks, industry broadcasters have been pushed stereotypically to have grand theatrical exclusive releases. 

After the new normal scenario, PVOD releases have emerged to bring a new dimension to traditional video-on demand movies, that usually breaks its path in not less than 3 months after they have theatre debuts.  

For instance, some industry analysts were astonished by the international pricing of $29.99 PVOD price for “Mulan”. Most premium video-on-demand releases have a set price of $19.99. In comparison, typical VOD movies cost $5.99.


The current and the future trends in VOD platforms show that this is a fast-growing business arena where one can make easy money when provided with the ideal factors. When the streaming videos can be monetized, investing in the PVOD model opens the window to get to more viewers and generate higher revenue. The best course is to find a self-hosted video on demand platform that can personalize the streaming of the content in various formats and devices with an impeccable security shield.

If You Already Have an Idea About Starting a Premium Video On Demand Platform, Schedule a Free Demo and We’ll Get You On The Road To Video On Demand Success!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Generally PVOD is only correlated with theatre or entertainment industry acceleration. The word “premium” is used for VODs for a major reason. Here the pricing factors will flow with PVOD streaming services flow with exclusivity whereas in Video on demand, your viewers needn’t have a second thought to access them after a known/fixed fee. Also, they are in different content genres loaded in volumes within your streaming platform.

A customized website with advanced streaming potentials gives variety to your customers to look for something new. You can have high rates of engagement when you look to build premium video on demand platforms through streaming expertise of platform providers & earn exclusive returns.

PVOD platforms act as a springboard to filmmakers & content creators to have their revenue shot up with premium VODs streamed with exclusive pricing. Investing in a content platform gives an alluring opportunity to content production houses or studios to let viewers shop premium on demand shows & scale high in contrast to premium vendors.

Every monetization model has its own unique streaks where popular businesses can leverage on them individually. Premium video on demand (PVOD), Subscription video on demand (SVOD) & Advertising on demand (AVOD) are the most powerful upscaling revenue-generating dais, where various video entrepreneurs can comfortably seize high profitability with rapid growth of streaming technology.

Movie streaming blogger and VOD Expert in CONTUS VPlayed. Interested in digging deep into VOD streaming platform media business tools and Love to discuss and share views on the latest technologies tips, and tricks.


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