Secured Live Streaming Platform To Stream Content

VPlayed help you broadcast over a live streaming platform with zero latency and zero buffering

An Ideal Mix Of Features To Build A Platform For Live Streaming

VPlayed comes with headway features that help your live streaming service deliver high-quality videos

100% Customizable

VPlayed is equipped with the latest technology to build a customised live streaming website. Get to choose your own player features and even monetisation models.

Video CMS

Upload, manage and store videos in multiple formats in a searchable database after live broadcasting is done. Categorisation and creation of meta information are managed seamlessly.

Live to VOD

Auto save live streaming videos to the VPlayed account to be discoverable to viewers. The comments would continue to be visible to on-demand viewers which gives a semblance of real-time viewing.

Real-time Analytics

Keep track of viewing trends content dashboard and generate customised reports for any metric over any length of time. Graphically represented data helps to improve customer experience.

Everything You Need To Broadcast Your Events Live

Live stream videos over your platform optimized for stunning user experience

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

VPlayed enables buffer-free streaming for your live videos. Bandwidth issues and multi-platform streaming is smooth and hassle-free.

Video Scheduling

Build the buzz around your live streams even before you begin. Get your audience to engage with your streams using a robust scheduling tool.

Embedded Live Streaming

Increase interaction with subscribers by embedding links to your streams across any platform capable of being viewed over multiple devices.

Content Delivery Network

Hook enormous audience globally with your live streaming platform through delivering live streams without buffering. VPlayed’s multiple content delivery network guarantees low latency delivery.

Live Video Playback

Stream live to your viewers in HD, Ultra HD or 4K. Hosted with cloud technology, videos can be moved back or forward even as the video is streaming live.

Social Media Integration

Connect with viewers by sharing upcoming live streams on social media network. Improve brand value by being responsive to feedback on your live videos.

Push Notification

Using VPlayed’s interactive and easy to use dashboard, send push notifications. Inform your subscribers of new live streams and consistently stimulate engagement.

Streaming Protocols

Upload live streams to your online video platform in RTMP from where it is streamed to viewers via HLS through multiple formats like MPEG-2, VP8, ProRes and more.

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Integrate Communication With Your Live Streaming Service

Engage with the audience through polls, chats and Q&A

Live Polls

Connect and engage with users by running live polls while streaming live on the platform. With real-time feedback you would go a long way in improving viewing experience. You can either choose from a range of poll templates or customise a template.

Live Polls

Live Q&A

Accept user’s queries and enhance overall engagement with the live streams. Interact and build brand value among viewers by responding to them on a real-time basis by yourself or have a live interview that viewers can join in too.

Live Q A

Audience Chat

Give your audience a stage to connect and interact among themselves. Gain insights by interacting and observing their responses to the live streams unfolding on the platform. Enable post-live chats to keep the buzz going even after the broadcast.

Live Chat

Live Stream On Multiple Platforms At Once With Simulcasting

VPlayed’s simulcast streaming, maximize live content reach across multiple platforms

Live Q A

Live Stream To Social Platforms Simultaneously With Multi-streaming

Simulcasting on live streaming platforms amplifies the engagement of the live streaming content by reaching your audience’s favorite platforms. With VPlayed’s Multi Simulcast streaming, reaching millions of viewers is made possible on RTMP-enabled platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch and many more platforms.

Cloud Transcoding Create and deliver a better video experience

Per-Title Encoding

Optimize streams for bandwidth by encoding based on actual picture content of the video to lower bitrates. This maximizes video quality and reduces playback interruptions.

Flexible Ingest
Closed Captioning
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branding Features
branding Features

All Device Player Maximise ROI with faster and smoother multi-format streams

HLS & Dash

Live stream over your platform with the best adaptive bitrate streaming protocols like HLS and DASH that automatically optimize video resolution for the internet speed availability.

Multi formats & Codec
Faster Playback
Subtitle setting
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Monetize All Your Live Content & Enlarge Your Revenue Graph

Get the best out of your live streaming platform with tailored monetization models


Monetisation is made simple for you. Earn from every subscriber with flexible and economical subscription plans & convert them into repeat subscribers by building your custom-built video monetization platform.

Pay per view

Upgrade your viewership base with subscription programs, providing premium members access to unlimited videos. SVOD combined with VPlayed’s technology, pitches in high returns


Preroll, Midroll or Postroll - Ad based monetization integration strategically placed according to the performance of videos churns out the maximum revenue.

Security Features That Protect From Data Infringement

Secure your content with advanced technology to deliver a hitch-free streaming experience

branding Features
AES 256 Encryption

VPlayed uses the state-of-the-art AES encryption technology to protect your live streaming platform against illegal access using a strong, symmetric algorithm.

Paywall Integration
Access Control

One Solution. Multiple Use Cases

Unique solutions for all your live streaming needs

  • Live Events
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Religious
  • Conference
  • Live Linear

Live Events

Broadcasters & Publishers

Impressive Event Streaming

Stream entertainment events live over multiple platforms with HD visuals and impeccable audio clarity. Videos are available on the VOD Platform for viewing on demand after the live broadcast streaming.

  • Buffer-free Streaming
  • Live Chat
  • Auto Archive
  • Pay-per-view Streaming
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Interactive Online Learning

Seamless online education services delivered live and on-demand over a secure and interactive platform. Engage with students over live chats and webinars.

  • Create Quizzes
  • Watermarked Videos
  • Scheduling Classes
  • Smooth Streaming
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Live Sports Streaming

Sports events streamed with no buffering over the live streaming solution from VPlayed. Interact with subscribers in real time and provide live commentary.

  • UHD Live Streaming
  • Live Commentary
  • Pay-per-view Revenue Plan
  • Replay and Highlights
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Spreading Faith With Technology

Stream religious sermons and celebrations with HD clarity over a customized live streaming platform. Manage videos in a dynamic database even after the broadcast has ended.

  • Auto Archive
  • Scheduling
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Multiple Revenue Plans
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Driving Collaboration With Live Stream

Hassle-free team meetings and product demos can be conducted live. Improve collaboration with an interactive and easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Smooth Streaming
  • Audio Clarity
  • HD Visuals
  • State-of-the-art Technology
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Live Linear

Live Linear

Live Linear Streaming

Nonstop IP streaming for streamlined security in sensitive remote premises. High-end technology to deliver clear audio and video.

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streams
  • UHD Videos
  • Multiple Output Formats
  • End-to-end Encryption
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