Explore Unlimited Movie Streaming Possibilities

Launch, manage & stream content globally with a power-packed movie streaming platform

Manage & Distribute Content

Streamline, distribute the overall content like movies, series, events geographically within your own movie streaming website like never before.

Feature-rich Marketing Suite

Built-in marketing tools like social interactions, real-time notification, recommendation engine, & SEO tools to optimize the content on search engines.

Track Audience Behavior

Measure the reach of content based on geographical locations, devices, viewed minutes, traffic source, & more through an insightful analytical dashboard.

Amplify Revenue Opportunities

A go-to-market strategy with multiple monetization models like SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, PPV, & more to reap benefits from each content.

Protect Content Against Piracy

With integrated multiple privacy & security protocols like DRMs, encryptions, watermarking, password protection, single-sign-in access control safeguard your content.

Stream On Multiple Devices

VPlayed’s movie streaming solution lets you broadcast movies, series, & TV shows across VOD Platforms & devices (Android, iOS, Smart TVs, Media boxes).

#1 Self-hosted Movie Streaming Platform
Diverse streaming options on multi-screens and devices

With VPlayed’s customizable solution, build a highly scalable movie streaming website to host videos and movies online. Deliver outstanding viewing experience to your global audience with flexible on-premises and on cloud hosting.

  • Production houses, distributors, & independent filmmakers.
  • Multiple themes, UI/UX, features, Monetization models
  • CDNs to deliver content across geographical locations.
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Create a Movie Streaming App

Manage, Deliver & Distribute Video Content

Stream live video content, movies & scale audience instantly with a faster movie viewing experience

Bulk Upload
A centralized management dashboard helps you to upload and manage a bulk number of content on-the-go with multiple import options for easy uploadings of content.
Video Scheduling
Automate the entire content distribution with video scheduling. Schedule movie releases, events, or any content based on user access and geographical locations for better engagement.
Categorizing & Filtering
Create a custom portal to categorize the content based on genres. Enable your audience to watch their desired movie, events, TV shows through a custom filter to make search intent easy.
The finest way to upload, manage, and stream content right from your movie streaming app. With drag and drop, upload any number of content in a single click.
Content Partner Portal
Enable your partners to access the partner portal at your given domain that gives access to multiple fields like uploading content, tracking, and also to other sections that aren’t into their rights.
Explore Our Video CMS
Video Streaming CMS
Per-title Encoding
VPlayed ensures different types of content are delivered with the highest quality through easy-to-encode functionality. It enables to stream movies, events at best resolution with much lower-bitrates.
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Deliver best-possible video quality and viewer experience to your audience irrespective of bandwidth, screen size, & devices with help of integrated HTTP-based technologies.
Repackage video and audio files into different delivery formats within your movie streaming software without changing the entire contents files.
Formats & Codecs Support
VPlayed ensures to support multiple video formats such as MP4, HD, UHD, m4v, avi, Mov. Flv, MPG, Apple ProRes, HEVC encoded and other codecs like H264 and UHD H265.
Subtitles & Closed Captioning
Broadcast movies, live events and other sorts of content with open or closed captions to deliver a better watching experience for regional and global audiences with On or Off marks.
Video Transcoding
Low Latency
Deliver ultra-low latency movie streaming experience by reducing the overall video encoding pipeline duration on any live streaming of events, movies. No more buffering series or movies.
Streaming Protocols
VPlayed is encompassed with both RTMP and HTTP-based protocols to deliver live content with easy scaling of users, live viewing experience and low-latency streaming support.
Supports Live and On-demand
With both live and on-demand movie streaming flexibilities, deliver the already published movies, TV shows into viable on-demand content to generate revenue with the same set of content.
Cross-Device Delivery
Stream high-quality Movies, TV shows, Live Events, and Series to any type of devices such as mobile devices, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Laptops, Set-top boxes, and more.
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Video CDN

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Monetizations Possibilities
Multiple Opportunities To Monetize Any Content

Reap revenue with every possible content. Take full charge of your movie streaming business by keeping 100% revenue of each content powered with a video monetization platform. VPlayed’s movie streaming website supports multiple monetization modules to turn your movie streaming site into a lucrative business.

  • SVOD (Subscription Video-on-demand) monthly & yearly fee.
  • TVOD (Transactional Video-on-demand) for movies or TV shows.
  • AVOD (Advertising Video-on-demand), Coupons & Promotions.
Explore Our Video monetization
Video Monetization
HLS Video Player
HLS Player With Fastest Playback
Smooth, Secure & HQ video Experience across devices

Captivate every screen and audience with a cross-device HTML5 player. VPlayed is in-built with a best-in-class playback player to stream live movies, events, TV shows, and any type of content that runs seamlessly on any screen and devices.

  • HTML5 player for live streaming, on-demand & OTT platform.
  • Speed controls, closed captions, cast to TV options, & more.
  • Rich playback modules, UI/UX, skin assets, & more.
Explore Our HLS Player
Analytical & Marketing Tools
Analyze, Optimize & Promote content for better revenue

Track the performance of every content within an insightful analytical dashboard to market it in a better way. With VPlayed’s marketing & analytical tools, know your audience’s behavior, traffic source, geographical locations of your audience, and overall watch-time to empower the marketing strategies of your online video platform.

  • Social publishing, recommendation engines, & live polls.
  • Track audience percentage view, browser versions & devices.
  • Audience’s behavior, traffic source, & user’s geographical regions
Explore Our Video Analytics
Video Analytics & Marketing
Video Streaming Security
Security Protocols & Piracy Law
Safeguard content with Multiple DRMs against piracy

You just sit back, relax, let VPlayed take in-charge of streaming content under multiple layered piracy options. VPlayed’s movie streaming solution is optimized with advanced encryption standards & world-class digital rights management platforms to protect every content.

  • Firewalls, SSL, & watermarks against security threats.
  • Multiple DRMs and server-level security.
  • Two-way authentications, token protection, & domain restrictions.
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