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100% Customizable Online Video Streaming Solution for Any Business

VPlayed gives splendid viewing experience via a secure online video platform having flexible hosting possibilities and million viewers potential reach. VPlayed gives you custom UI/UX designs, enriched CMS, & efficient content delivery network. Get a whitelabel online video solution with an analytic dashboard & create stables streams via best video monetization platform.

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A Powerful Online Video Platform For Smooth Content Delivery

Deliverable functionalities for perfect viewing experience with white label video streaming platform

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A Premium Video Platform

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Supercharged Content Management With Marketing Tools

Maximize the revenue potential of your online video streaming solution with result-driven in-house tools

Seamless Content Management Reliable & scalable CMS

Bulk Video Upload

Bulk Video Upload

With cloud-based CMS, VPlayed enables users to upload unlimited videos without any restrictions and automatically transcodes using video streaming software.

Online Video Content Scheduling

Video Scheduling

Categorization & Filtering

Multiple Video Format Support

Multiple Video Format Support

Drag-and-Drop Option

Drag-and-Drop Option

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Video Streaming Platform CMS

Powerful Video Marketing Grow your business with robust built-in video marketing tools

Online Video Metadata Management

Meta Data

Customize video content meta title and description within your CMS solution. Increase the video viewership and distribute them globally.

Video Streaming Solution Suggestive

Suggestive OVP

Social Features

Replace Online Video

Replace Video, Not The Link

Video Marketing Software

Marketing Software Integration

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video streaming for marketing

Multiple Video Monetization Boost your revenue with turnKey video streaming solution

Online Video Streaming Advertisement

Advertising (AVOD)

With most popular VPlayed’s AVOD model, run pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll ads across all channels supported with third-party ad servers using online video solution.

Video Streaming Subscription

Subscription (SVOD)

Transactional Video Streaming Platform

Transactional (TVOD)

Server Side Ad Insertion

Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)

Third Party Ad Integration

Third Party Ad Integration

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Video Streaming Monetization

All Device Player Captivate your video streaming audience with flawless playback experience

Fast Playback

Via HLS video player, deliver top viewing experience through video streaming server software with playback options like skin assets, compressing plugins,etc.

Subtitles / Closed Captions

Cast to TV

360 Degree Video/VR Support

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online video player
Secure video solution

Robust Security Manage & protect licensed online video streaming content across platforms

Digital Rights Management

VPlayed offers digital rights for every content by encrypting the video data and unlocking preferred content based on license policies.


AES 256 Encryption

Access Control

Single Sign-on

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Track your Content Performance By Online Video Analytics

Analyze the online video streaming platform performance with VPlayed’s advanced analytics

  • Track Audience Data With End-to-end Analytics

    Access detailed data while creating an online video platform content that’s viewed across multiple platforms, browsers, operating systems and track percent of viewers, unique viewers, attention span, traffic sources, etc, based on geographic locations.

  • Understand Engagements With Comparison Heatmaps

    Manage every engagement in your enterprise video streaming software with single dashboard. Compare every content with a detailed pictorial statistics to sharpen your marketing strategies & reach more audience base,increasing engagement.

  • Get an Holistic View With Audience Tracking

    Customize your analytical video data reports according to your preference. Track each audience behaviour, content consumption and effectiveness of each content based on domain, locality, Server IPs and much more analytical view.

  • Discover What’s Working With A/B Testing

    Compare two versions of platform's analytical data using the best video streaming solution provider and assess your digital content performance with other platforms. Optimize each strategy & achieve better conversion, vast audience base and quality engagement.

  • Streamline Your Workflow With Integrations

    VPlayed’s secure video streaming platform supports the world's leading analytical tools to easily integrate business intelligence & track site-metrics for understanding how good the ‘video’ impacts across several platforms.

Online Video Analytics
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