Why Choose VPlayed To Build OTT Apps

Scalable MultiScreen Viewing Experience Across Web, Mobile, & Smart TV

Fast App Release

Launch OTT TV apps much faster than ever from VPlayed within 3-5 working weeks at snap of a finger

Fully Customizable Interface

Make a conscious choice of creating OTT TV that can be uniquely customized according to business set objectives

User Privacy and Control

Ensure privacy support to the OTT app spotlighted with the development of secured multi-level streaming protocols


Get complete freedom to whitelabel your entire OTT app platform & rule the streaming world with a competitive edge

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Power-Pact Features To Create & Launch OTT TV Apps

The Rich OTT Video App Development Infrastructure Boosted with Technology Automation

VOD analytics
Multilingual Content

Personify your OTT TV apps content with multilingual support widely

In-App Purchases

Capture new OTT stream of revenue via in-app subscription payments


Earn more billions by hyper-personalizing OTT application with user favorites

Push notification

Gain users back to OTT streaming app with quick-to-the-point alert


Engage consumers with a watchlist feature to track & bookmark preferably

Social features

Create brand consistency socially across platforms to increase OTT app traffic worldwide

Resume watching

Engage visitors to resume watching videos for a continuous experience

Live Tv

Open a great communication channel by connecting live with audiences

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Capitalize Remarkable Revenue From Built-In OTT App Platform

Capture New lines of Revenue from OTT in-app Content Earning Unlimited Profits


Create OTT apps with subscription-based model providing users access to your content library on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis


Get to leverage on advertisements placed in a programmatic way using pre-roll, mid-roll and end-roll & spike instreams using OTT app solution


Monetize content with per-time video fee within OTT apps by providing access on rental basis & allow users to enjoy them anytime

Hybrid Model

Grab a chance to use a combo of monetization models while building OTT apps to premiumly have increased subscribers

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Launch Easily & Grow Quickly With
A Premium OTT App

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Unmatched Content-First OTT Video Player For Every App

Expansive Features With Ultimate Customization Delivering Smooth Playability

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Multi-Device Support

VPlayed player capacitates your video app development with cutting-edge technologies supportive to every kind of OTT devices such as smartphone, TV boxes, PCs, laptop, gaming consoles to enable multi-device compatibility.

  • Live streaming playback
  • Live playback pause & rewind
  • Multi-audio track captioning
  • Customization
  • Multiple protocols + progressive downloads
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Build & Manage App Library with Own Custom-Made Video CMS

Stream, store & organize your assets in a central repository platform

  • Unified Management Interface

    Get unified CMS from OTT app developers to manage service workflows in real-time

  • Automated Workflows

  • Multi-User and Multiple Instances

  • Bulk Uploading

  • Video Library Organization

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Real-time Music Streaming Analytics

Secure Your Over-The-Top Apps Inside Out From Threats

Set your app protocols according to your personalized preferences

Multi DRM

Enforce Multi DRM security solutions to OTT app against digital infringements

Forensic Watermarking

Guard premium OTT apps from illegal streaming & enable high-level security

Visible Watermarking

Secure TV apps by limiting streamviews to more than two OTT devices

Anti Capture

Build app with anti-screen capture protocol that barricades OTT screen recording

Learn about our DRM & Security

Track, Target & Measure OTT Apps Performance with Inbuilt Analytics

Leverage Digital Analytics Architecture Mapped from VPlayed

Live Dashboard Report

Measure the success for your broadcasts with key performance indicators with livestream analytics report

3rd Party Analytics Integration

Derive 3rd-party analytics insights to monitor visits and source traffic from customized OTT app

Device Data

Know the choices of your audience device data to target their preferred view space.

User Data

Study key factors that contribute optimized content quality affecting UX whilst OTT app creation

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