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CONTUS VPlayed Is The World’s Leading OTT Solution Provider Empowers A Global OTT Network Of Over 100+ Digital Streaming Businesses.


Why You Should Choose CONTUS VPlayed OTT Video Solution

Empowering You With Popular Technology in The World

100% Customizable Software

Use an OTT software solution with unmatched ability which is flexible according to customized content requirements.

Complete Ownership

Take full control over your custom-built best whitelabel OTT platform and get wholesome ownership.

On Premise / On Cloud Hosting

Now choose to stream videos through your own servers or with our secured servers over the cloud.

One-time License Cost

Support your precious content with standardized one-time licensing cost acquired for your ever-flourishing OTT business.

End-to-End Development Support

Get assured with an end-to-end thorough support system and have a complete platform built right from the scratch.

Third Party Service Integration

Integrate 3rd party OTT solutions at ease within your customized platform using advanced technologies.

High Profile Robust Technologies

Build an OTT platform with microservice architecture technology just like top OTT giants for perfect reliability.

Post Launch Support

Assure with the post launch support after having a complete pack of OTT services for your business ventures.

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World Class Branded App Features to Create OTT App

Exhibit high rated videos with eccentric app options

OTT Mobile App
In-app Purchase

Launch your special streams within the portable devices for all purchases through VPlayed OTT video software.

In-app Notification

Remind about exclusive videos to users via OTT solution providers and engage them with short pop-up messages.

Paywall Integration

Limit content accessibility in premium videos and then through an OTT app builder utilize the paywall feature.

Resume Watching

Let your users resume viewing videos from an unwatched place to have uninterrupted compelling experience.

Offline Viewing

Facilitate viewing needs of your users even without internet connectivity to enjoy their videos directly in OTT streaming apps.

Progressive Web Application

Target users on web & native apps with PWA technology. VPlayed’s OTT video solution delivers smart-touch user enagability.

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Highlights of CONTUS VPlayed OTT Video Platform

Explore Vivid Lines of Interactive Communication in Online Space


Get a fully-packed customized Whitelabel OTT solution and grow your brand awareness at a low cost than paying for an alltime in-house development team.

Live Streaming

Stream your live video efficiently & provide an incredible viewing experience by cohesively managing, distributing and monetizing live content.

Cloud Transcoding

Now start OTT business by streaming your videos on any operating system or media player, with an array of viewing formats like MPEG-2, AV1, H.264 etc.

Content Partner Portal

Collaborate with partners in best ott platforms and host patent content in your platform. Access control mechanisms can help you to monitor partner activities.

Live to VOD

Auto-Record live streaming videos in your online video platform. Let the comments be visible to on-demand viewers too for a semblance of real-time viewing needs.

Explore about our streaming features OTT Device

Manage, Market & Measure OTT Content Performance in Real-time

Scale your OTT platform development success with automated metrics

OTT Video CMS Manage your content library effortlessly

Bulk Upload

Now upload bulk videos within a single shot and import in the library of VPlayed’s OTT video CMS software.

Video Scheduling
Multiple Video Format Support
Learn about our video CMS
OTT Video Marketing

OTT Video Marketing Promote OTT videos via digital tools

Metadata Management

Make your OTT platform search-friendly by optimizing meta tags for video marketing purposes.

Recommendation Engine
Social Publishing
Lead Capture Forms
Replace Video, Not the Link
Learn about our video marketing

OTT Video Analytics Measure OTT streaming success now

Live Dashboard Report

Study live user activity with deep insights like session duration, user behaviour & real time records.

3rd Party Analytics Integration
Custom Metrics
Audience Timeline
Engagement Graph
Learn about our video analytics
OTT Video Analytics

Launch Easily & Grow Quickly With
A Premium OTT Platform

Schedule a demo with product experts & we’ll get you on the road to OTT success

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OTT Monetization Models That Fit Your Audience & Business Goals

Leverage On Top Money-Making Models For a Surplus Revenue Flow

Explore about our OTT monetization

Preserve Your OTT TV Platform with Secured Integrated Protocols

Shield your priceless content at once

OTT DRM Security
  • Multi DRM Platform

    Digital Rights Management solution secures premium content copyrights to the fullest and prohibits unauthorized infringements.

  • AES Encryption

  • Password Protection

  • Screenshot Prevention

Visit our DRM & Security page

Furnish Video Deliverability with Smooth Transmitting OTT Player

Unleash Secured User Entertainment With Uninterrupted Streaming Experience


HLS Video Player Deliver Smooth Streams in OTT

  • Fastest Playback

    Via HLS video player, launch ott service & deliver a quality viewing experience. Options like compressing plugins render fast playbacks.

  • Multi Device Support

  • Player Ads

  • Cast to TV

  • Subtitles & Closed Captions

Explore about our HLS player
HLS Video Player


Video Delivery Transmit on Demand Videos Seamlessly

  • Multiple Codecs Support

    VPlayed OTT platform providers support multiple codecs in videos like H.263, H.264 AVC, H.265, AVI, etc.

  • Streaming Protocol

  • Custom CDN

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Explore about our CDN
OTT Video Delivery

Powering Multiscreen OTT Streaming Experience

See how CONTUS VPlayed can help you distribute your video content across multiple platforms & devices

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  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Smart TV
  • Console
  • Web
OTT platform for multi screen

Migrate Your Existing Platform To VPlayed Without Losing Your Data

More Than 70+ World's Leading Brands Migrated to CONTUS VPlayed Successfully

  • Video/Audio Contents Migration

    Move raw audio/video content with smooth transition to VPlayed

  • Customers Data Migration

    Sync your user data with VPlayed ensuring seamlessness

  • Users Payment Migration

    Shift entire payment history using VPlayed’s database schema

Tailor Made OTT Solutions to Meet Your Unique Industry Needs

Flexible Streaming Store for Every Mainstream Sector

Media & Broadcast
Media & Broadcast
Media & Broadcast

Directly stream, monetize, and provide the best collection of OTT media & broadcasting services to ensure distributed presence anytime around the world. Make your entertainment streaming landscape trendspotting and quite competitive.

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Movie Streaming Solution

Independent filmmakers, content owners, and entertainment companies can launch a fully owned digital streaming platform through OTT software to entertain the world & monetize million+ audio/video content in multiple ways.

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Sports Streaming Solution

International or homegrown streamers can tap their live sports in a big way with a customized OTT platform technology and provide a grand champion-winning experience across iOS, Android app, & Smart TV.

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Education Streaming Solution

Curriculum educators, Knowledge-sharing experts, can effortlessly design their educational media management platform and expand classroom communities with VPlayed’s OTT solution to meet evolving needs in education effortlessly worldwide.

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Fitness Streaming Solution

VPlayed provides an end-to-end fitness streaming platform for personal trainers, wellness instructors, health clubs, by launching their video services for the right audience and delivering a complete fitness studio experience.

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Religious Streaming  Solution

Religious leaders can self-host an easy-to-use faith video platform to bind communities via house of worship services. Be the local voice to convey global messages of spirituality on live/on-demand TV apps.

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