Broadcast Religious Services Across Any Screens

Outreach audiences where your saintly streaming needs

Live Stream Spiritual Content For Religious Group Globally

Easily distribute faith-driven messages in live video formats to communities worldwide

Live Streaming

Revitalize faith on the go

Create a holistic video strategy to stream your live religious services to interact & engage with your followers more in real time.

Make events lively and accessible by launching your customized religious app and uplift your blissful faith involvement.

Let worshippers attend virtual church services in contrast to traditional religious TV networks powered by live broadcast software.

live streaming services for churches

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Powerful Features To Grow Faith Communities

Implement streaming capabilities to scale unmatched services seamlessly

On Cloud/On Premise

Make prayers, church sermons available on a self-hosted platform or on cloud & start streaming online.

HLS Player

Deliver religious congregation experiences concisely across all ministries regardless of video streaming bandwidths.

Video CMS

Introduce new streaming services by managing your religious video hub end-to-end any minute.

Cloud Transcoding

As religious organizations transform your flexibly-sized video files to assure streamable conditions across any zone.

3rd Party Integrations

Find endless opportunities to grow your reach by utilizing 3rd party integrations into your church software.

Content Partner Portal

Add channel partners to religious platform & gain popularity, monitor access rights through faith-based content online.

Content Delivery Network

Accelerate performance of your streaming content delivery with faster responsive speeds to rule geo visibility.

Multi-screen Deliver

Allow attendees to access fixed prayers, ritual acts, & processions online in Web, Mobile & Smart TV worldwide.

Monetize Religious Content & Boost Your Ad Revenue

Support religious missions through the aid of premium videos for faith enforcement worldwide

faith video on demand
  • SVOD

    Religious groups can now charge periodical fees from users by providing scholarly visual insights in great works.

  • TVOD

  • AVOD

  • Donation

Explore video monetization

Securely Stream Live & On Demand Content For Religious Ministry

Safeguard content with best encrypted technology to deliver a hitch-free worshiping experience

Paywall Integration

Restrict access to special sermons with paywalls and enable multi-currency functionality for audiences everywhere.

Screen Capture Restriction

Impose limits who tries to screengrab your religious content and integrate complete protection in live streaming software .


Restrain specific IP groups from viewing certain chapel services and make it exclusively region-specific.

AES Encryption

Add a gold security standard in your church platform with AES Encryption to safeguard assets ethically in your online hall of worship.

Login Protection

Shell your holy videos universally with secure login protocols and provide controlled viewer access to platform members only.

SSL Certification

Validate security path between servers and browsers via certified SSL crypto key exchanges when personal data is streamed.

Engage and Measure Your Spiritual Content in Real-time

Organically strategize sacred prayer discourses for enlightening viewers in real time

Community Engagement Through Social Media Socially grow Your missionary followers across the globe

Metadata Management

Easily manage your live streaming platform via SEO-brewed data such as meta-title, meta-depiction, mapping, for your church video content & other pages.

AI Powered Recommendation Engine
Social Publishing
Marketing Software Integration
Automated Follow Up
Explore video marketing
Video Analytics & reports
Video Marketing Solution

Measure Religious Content Value
with Analytical Solution Now track the performance of your spiritual centre initiatives online

Live Dashboard Report

Nudge your revenue chain by collating accurate data and proactively analyze them to fuel spiritual growth.

3rd Party Analytics Integration
Custom Metrics
Device Data
Network Data
Explore video analytics
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