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Enterprise-Grade Video CMS Crafted to Engine Brawny Platforms

Benefit from a well-grounded complete management system through which you can better your streaming routine for eminent engagement rates.

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Multifaceted Video Content Management Platform

Simplify your video content management software with VPlayed’s diversified features

White Label

Magnify revenue and tap the most of your content’s potential with systemic options of VPlayed’s white label range of solutions.

Smart Video Upload

Upload and transcode videos within minutes backed by VPlayed’s adaptive bitrate technology.

Video Captioning

Captioning can be done in any language & in multiple languages. Users have the option to choose the size, color & placement of the captions.

Video Scheduling

Schedule your content to be streamed in bulk. Video/ Audio scheduling aided by content curation & discovery ensures high engagement rates for your content.


Classify your videos in categories of your desire, as VPlayed provides definitive customizable grouping system based on names, genres etc.,

User Management

Track user engagement with user profile management dashboard that provides insightful revenue, users & activities graphs.

Video Analytics

Analyze your work model to maximize output with detailed accounts on what platforms your domain is streamed in, for how long and which parts have the highest engagement.

Metadata Management

VPlayed’s elastic searches with SEO optimized URL, descriptions, and tags favor high-ground in ranking on both on and off page searches.

VPlayed’s 360-degree Video Content Management

Video CMS platform made easy. From uploading to insightfully analyzing your data


Easy uploading & encoding video in multiple departments within large organizations is made clutter-free with VPlayed’s custom CMS.


Organize your video content to make it easy for operational purposes within your organization using VPlayed’s Admin portal


Password viewing, user access, playlists can be restricted when needed using the IP address or IP range


Analyze everything from content popularity to active subscribers. In addition

Upload & Manage Video/ Audio Content Effortlessly

Manage your data files in a well-organized manner. Simple to use, high-traffic charged and designed to provide complete control of the activities occurring on the VOD Platform.

  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Multistream Playback
  • Multi-format Support
  • Manual and Smart Playlists
Manage Your CMS System
Player for Video Content Management

Lightning Fast Inbuilt Video & Audio Player

Fast and easy to use, VPlayed’s inbuilt player supports streaming both audio and video content with backup support for entire comprised data files or in selected parts.

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • HLS & Dash Adaptive
  • Multi-Bitrate HD Encoding
  • Advanced Player

Deployment of Video Content

Establish a strong video streaming platform presence with unabridged secure storage from mischievious malware using VPlayed’s custom-built servers with options to host on cloud or on-premise.

  • On-Premise
  • On Cloud
Deployment of Video Content
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