Why Choose VPlayed VOD Software?

Level-Up Your Streaming Business To Host Any Type of Videos Online

Customizable Solution

Take Full Control
of Your Platform

Foster an on-brand experience by having entire VOD platform ownership & support business growth flexibly at any point of time

Customizable Solution

Time to Go Live
On Market

Reduce video on demand platform development’s time frame in less than a month & go live to rev up quickly

Maximize ROI

6+ Video
Monetization Models

Stream in a competitive marketplace with the most popular revenue-building methods to potentially monetize live content to VOD.


Supports A to Z
Service Integrations

Integrate new add-ons that you require for your platform end-to-end from eminent VOD service providers of VPlayed & expand your business effectively.

Streaming Features

Customize Your
Streaming Experience

Get 100% VOD customizable solution according to envisioned brand needs with cutting-edge technologies, features & lots more.



Whitelabel services of video before hosting them under your own brand name and add value to content originals that you create.

Everything You Need in a VOD Platform

Features that your platform needs for simple video streaming with cutting-edge infrastructure equipment

Content Partner-Portal

Add content partners with no hassle

Quickly include a content partner portal & onboard collaborators to monetize additional revenue

Completely control 3rd party content permissions even with regulating its performance

Provide subscriptions to leverage partner portal

VOD content Partner Portal

Streamline & Manage Your Video Streaming Operations With Ease

Ultimate tools built specifically for video streaming With VPlayed to track your content Effortlessly

VOD CMS platform
Bulk Upload

Upload any number of videos in CMS at any time without worrying about peak storage. Make your unlimited uploads easy with our VOD software.

Custom Thumbnails

Create stunning on demand video thumbnails within your VOD website & let your users know exactly what they can anticipate before watching your content.

Video Scheduling

Schedule any number of videos in the best content management software. Pre-set videos to the public across geo locations to conveniently stream scheduled content.

Drag and Drop

Simply drag & drop, with uploaded format of videos on demand content directly from personal devices or cloud-based 3rd-party platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive.


Customize your online video platform according to geo-based language. VPlayed supports multilingual configuration to reach local, regional, & global audiences.

Media Format Support

VPlayed supports all ranges of formats in video subscription platforms ranging from Mp4, m4v, avi, mp3, MPEG-DASH, H.265 codec, and H.264 codec.

Explore Video CMS

Empower VOD Platform with Impactful Video Monetization Models Grow as you stream with VPlayed’s ROI scalable features

Video monetization models

Build a subscription-based video on demand (SVOD) platform with monthly or yearly packages. Gain recurring viewer base through well-planned subscription models to have constant revenue flow.

Video monetization models
Video monetization models
Video monetization models
Video monetization models
Catch-Up TV
Video monetization models
Coupons & Promotions
Explore Video Monetization
Video monetization models Video monetization models

Multi-Level Massive VOD Distribution WorldWide

VPlayed Video Platform ensures enhanced compatibility across Web, Mobile, Smart TV, Gaming Consoles

VOD platform

Launch Easily & Grow Quickly With
A Premium VOD Platform

Schedule a demo with product experts & we’ll get you on the road to VOD success

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Secure Your VOD Content With Reliable Streaming Solution

Let VODs be encrypted throughout its lifecycle in VPlayed

Restricted Access Control

Create secure video services, by having asset-level limitations on streams for more than two devices based on monitored login details to step up against online VOD piracy.

Multi DRM Support

Data Rights Management allows you to secure your VOD copyrights to the fullest & bars unauthorized content usage, consumption, or any other kind of infringements

AES Encryption

VPlayed uses AES encryption method to enable content owners to encrypt videos using 128-bit cryptographic keys. Users can have the same authorized key access to the content.


Limit access into your secure video streaming platform for users based on the geographical location to minimize compliance costs and boost capacity for relevant demographics.


Stream securely with a non-removable watermark tool like date, IP address of users on streams during playbacks. Display them at user-level to discourage infringement of the content.

Screenshot Prevention

Ensure integrity of your VOD content services by preventing screen recording & illegal redistribution. The best would suffice when content is blurred or camouflaged.

Explore DRM & Video Security

Launch VOD Apps with Forefront Features To Target Wide Audience

Allow users to explore best videos of yours from on demand apps

In-app Purchase

Launch video on demand apps in various kinds of portable devices for subscriptions & payments through VPlayed’s VOD platform services

Native Apps

VPlayed creates video on demand applications from scratch in native languages & delivers them to app stores after admin-requests.

Parental Control

Block outgoing VOD streams, restrict watch time to facilitate child-friendly content for your users, assisting online safety

Live TV

Provide live TV channels to your users, after ingesting, encoding, & transcoding content to feature them at once.

Progressive Web Apps

Allow users to access their favourite VOD apps & stream directly to web app screens in mobile home pages.

Offline Viewing

Enable users to watch their preferred content directly in on demand streaming apps even if they don't have internet access.

Launch A Custom VOD App Now

Inbuilt Video Player With Prime Streaming Support

Integrate advance video player to stream both VOD & live content with backup data files

VOD player
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    VPlayed supports adaptive streaming protocol to stream HTML5-based videos. Content delivery is made smooth easily.

  • HLS & Dash Adaptive

  • Multi-Bitrate HD Encoding

  • Player SDK for Android / iOS

  • Multi Language Support

  • Picture-in-picture

Explore HLS Player

Fuel Your VOD Platform With Engaging Content Everywhere

Let your brand formulate several digital marketing strategies for streaming business

  • Metadata Management

    Make your VOD platform search-friendly by optimizing meta tags for video marketing purposes

  • AI Powered Recommendation Engine

  • Lead Capture Form

  • Marketing Software Integration

  • Retention

  • Optimize audience rendition

Explore Video Marketing
VOD Marketing

Scale Up Video Business with Best VOD Analytics Software

Track your every service performance via VOD analytics to better audience engagement

VOD analytics
Live Dashboard Report

Smartly gather VOD business intelligence through dynamic reports for data analysis and trend forecasting.

Custom Metrics

Generate custom metrics to gather effective information at on demand service platform overcoming unidentified data study.

Stream Data

The feature in VOD analytical tools gives real-time streaming data stats like streaming protocol, in a whitelabel platform

User Data

Drive engagement rate using your audience’s viewing habits, complete profile analytical data & more.

Analyze 3rd party specifics

Add 3rd-party analytics solutions, to track visitors & analyze source traffic in your video delivery platform.

Study Comparison Heatmaps

Gain a wide market by comparing each content with precise visual statistics for video on demand business.

Explore Video Analytics

Distribute & Monetize VOD Streams Across Any Type of Industry

Anyone can willingly share their art visually with the rest of the world

Media & Broadcast
Media & Broadcasters
Media & Broadcasters

VPlayed provides Media production companies to encompass a VOD solution to stream and monetize their content, & create fantastic video experiences

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Movie Streaming Solution

Entertain the world by delivering exclusive content across Web, Mobile, SmartTV, as movie makers with best on demand video platform.

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Sports Streaming Solution

Deliver a caliber-viewer experience with flawless live & on demand videos to drive revenue, fan engagement from own streaming platform

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Education Streaming Solution

Equip your virtual classroom with finest VOD services to blend learning remotely & have frictionless video streaming experience globally.

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Media & Broadcast

VPlayed makes it simple for religious spokesperson to build a spiritual VOD streaming platform and connect with congregations worldwide, anytime.

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Movie Streaming Solution

Fitness practitioners can now convert their video workouts into a customized fitness subscription platform and reap maximum ROI

Explore More
Movie Streaming Solution

Entertain the world by delivering exclusive content across Web, Mobile, SmartTV, as movie makers with best on demand video platform.

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