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Stream Where all your streaming needs come together

A dedicated streaming platform gives you more control for your videos & superior streaming quality which effectively act as a YouTube alternatives to make money. It broadcasts the real-time videos over internet via robust infrastructure & reliable content delivery network. With VPlayed Video on-demand solution, save and manage your favourite videos through VOD library for viewing at your own pace. Expand your users horizon no matter where they are geographically put up.

VPlayed gives a customizable options with the appropriate bandwidth and server configuration as per the business needs. Streaming to millions of users is made a reality. It enhances the viewing experience of the user.

youtube live streaming alternative

Market Drive Traffic to your own website & increase your Brand value

Video marketing techniques helps to increase the viewership volume to a significant level. Powerful recommendation engine features emphasis on cross-video transition that increases the audience traction level & helps to have an effective user engagement.

Share the video content across several social media channels and increase your engagement rate at a commendable rate. VPlayed supports multiple platforms and certainly it’s a YouTube alternative for creators where the meta-data makes it more SEO friendly. VPlayed follow productive lead conversion methods like CTA, lead capture forms and integrated video email marketing. Dashboards are a great way to easily connect with your audience. Video emails, grabs more attention and increases the brand value than the normal text emails.

Video content Marketing

Monetize Enhance revenue by multiple revenue models

Leverage revenue from diverse prospective models within your advanced video monetiztion platform. It provides an effective monetization model as an alternative to YouTube, with advertising video on demand and several affordable monetization models. Right from subscription VOD model to Transactional and flexible ad monetization model, VPlayed caters to the need of various business requirements which makes VPlayed is better than YouTube . Watch your favourite HD video weekly, monthly or yearly with flexible subscription model.

Unlike YouTube, VPlayed increase the subscription rates through video rental programs in an hourly or pay-per-video basis. Also VPlayed, helps to dynamically insert the ad based on the user’s demographic. Viewers view the content online as well as offline with electronic sell through model system.

youtube monetization

Measure Get comprehensive reports in real-time through an effective video analytics

Integrated Video analytics helps to take precise data driven decisions as per the analytical reports. Though YouTube provides analytical data, VPlayed comes with a customizable report based on the location, created date & device.

Video analytics checks the performance of the important metrics like the call-to-actions, demographic details of the viewers, bandwidth consumption, watching time of individual videos, subscribers count and also the details about the user engagements are easily retrieved using these measures. Live content dashboard report helps to initiate strategies and increase the viewer engagement significantly.

video Analytics for youtube creators

All-in-One Streaming Solution for YouTube Video Creators

An end-to-end streaming features that discover VPlayed as the best alternative to YouTube

100% Customizability

VPlayed gives you full control over your platform than YouTube. Choose every aspect of your site as per your own requirements and business model to improve the experience and engagement.

Video CMS

Upload, edit and organize videos with the help of our dashboard which gives you a bird’s eye view over every aspect of your collection and aids in providing enhanced command over your platform.

Social Publishing

Interact with your subscribers and potential audience with our integrated social tools. Share instantly across multiple social channels for promotions engagement with your viewers.

4K & 360° Streaming Support

Supporting the top codecs and developing support for new ones, VPlayed provides faster 4K video streaming across multiple platforms enabled with 360° VR support.

Faster Playback

The Adaptive bitrate streaming technology (ABR) helps to create multiple bitrate versions of the video content for faster playback and quicker downloads. VPlayed supports higher bandwidth to eliminate the buffering time.

Recommendation Engine

VPlayed’s recommendation engine is powered by machine learning to provide the most streamlined platform. Utilise the power of data and personalization with our recommendation engine for better user experience.

Analytics Data

Get real-time information about your visitors and live stream viewers to generate user-centric retargeting initiatives. Engage with audiences on a personal level for brand equity enhancement and improved ROI.

Creative Freedom

Achieve success on your own terms by leveraging VPlayed’s customizability. Make your own rules, ones that suit your business model and brand value and create & distribute content without any boundaries.

Monetization Models For Higher Revenue Than YouTube

Keep 100% of your generated income without depending YouTube Monetization


Charge your audience a monthly or yearly fee for access to your entire content collection. Subscription video-on-demand model along with trial period have shown to increase the revenue.


Display ads from ad servers of your choice and control the ad rolls, positions, timing and frequency. Unlike YouTube video platform, ads placed on banners, square button or on the navigation bar


One-time payment transactional model lets you provide video(s) to your audience for a limited number of views.Pay as per the usage is an effective YouTube monetization alternative gaining positive response

Third-party Ad Integration

Integrate external ad servers like Adzerk and OpenX to ensure quality and relevance ad delivery to viewers. Increase the flexibility by these integrations that makes VPlayed a powerful YouTube alternative for creators

Server-side Ad Insertion

Stitch ads to your video streams from your own servers to ensure ad blockers don’t get the best of you. With Content Management System, SSAI prevents any adblock requests.

Catch-up TV

Partner with channels to display TV programmes on your platform post-air for a one-time payment. Users download and view the favourite program at an affordable rate

A Suite of Features Built for Security

Protect, encrypt & secure your content through multi-DRM platforms

AES 256 Encryption

Powered by AES, VPlayed renders a strong, symmetric encryption algorithm which ensures your copyrighted content is protected from end-to-end


Built-in DRM system overlooks each and every aspect of the platform regarding safety and security of video content, right from copyright infringement, piracy to screenshot prevention & access management


Putting the location to work. Now the viewers can restrict the video to particular geographical locations or get location related special notifications or recommendations based on the current location.

Paywall Integration

Add another layer of security for your videos by integrating a secure paywall. Users are not allowed to view videos till the payment transaction is completed through the paywall.

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